About Us

About Girltivity

Girls have been changing the world for pretty much forever, history has seldomly ever given girls the credit for some of the most incredible achievements made.

Even today:

1. From Primary to High School girls self-esteem and confidence drops 3.5 times more than boys.

2. Women hold less than 23% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs.

3. Women hold only 15-25% of TOP decision making positions.

4. Only 3% of female driven Start-ups get funded.

5. Research has shown that girls in a girls-only school were stronger, confident and more capable of becoming leaders. Seeing the key roles such as principal, head of departments and teachers were held by females, inspired the girls to succeed.

The Girltivity Box is a unique subscription to remind girls about how amazing they are. To inspire girls between the ages of 3 and 12, to celebrate fearless women who helped make the world better. Each Girltivity Box is thoughtfully designed by educational experts to encourage creativity, curiosity and support literacy development in a fun way. It includes a 20-page Girltivity Activity Book showcasing her unique story, with 10 to 15 hands-on STEAMED UP activities.

Our special acronym STEAMED UP stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, Design, Understanding and Practice. Shoo! That’s a whole lot of fun!
Also included is a creative play prop, a featured character trait that helped her succeed, practical tips for parents to easily nurture that trait, experiments, games, collectibles plus so much MORE.
Even more important, The Girltivity Brand is designed to empower girls to grow more fearlessly themselves!
The contents of the Girltivity Box is valued at a minimum of R750. Wow! Right! That’s great value for money.
Can it get even better? You betcha! On top of all that, we will donate R5 of the proceeds from EVERY box purchased to nonprofit organizations working to empower women and girls.
Let’s high 5 that ladies!

Teach children what to think and you limit them to your ideas. Teach children how to think and their ideas are unlimited.

Sandra Parks


Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to create quality time for families without the prep work
  • Our Mission is to introduce girls to positive female role models
  • Our Mission is to empower girls to be curiously creative in a fun and educational way

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is to help girls grow confidently and fearlessly into future leaders
    • Our Vision is to teach boys to celebrate women and value her worth
      • Our Vision is for equality between boys and girls for the greater good of man and women kind

Her Story

From the age of 2, the visionary at Girltivity, Kiara dreamed of having her own YouTube Channel. She was already very much aware of the power of positive thinking, positive speaking, kindness and sharing. She loved the excitement of making, giving and opening presents. She was inspired by videos she had seen of other children and she wanted to spread the same happiness to as many children as she could.

Kiara has a passion for Girl Empowerment. The moment she realized that there has never been a South African female in space, it became her mission to let girls know that they can be anything they dream of, even an astronaut in space.

This is how the brand Girltivity was born.

The main character GT has always been very clear in Kiara’s mind. A superhero girl, fearless and brave. Capable of doing anything she sets her mind to.

Kitty was chosen from a list of illustrations. Kitty reminded Kiara of one of her best friends who loves ginger cats. It made her sad that she could no longer play with her friend because he is a boy and she is a girl. Being exposed to gender discrimination at the tender age of 5, she is even more determined to break the gender barriers. She wants to share stories of fearless girls with future leaders.

So how will Kiara meet girls from years ago? Thanks to her favorite sci-fi movies, time travel was the only answer. Timezee, the time travel gadget was created.

So come on! Go on a Girltivity adventure with GT, the superhero girl! Every Superhero needs a sidekick. Kitty the space cat, is the best sidekick a girl can ask for. Together with the help of Timezee, they travel through time in search of girls who changed the universe. Their mission is to restore the balance of girl power everywhere.

Inspiring girls of today to be confident, brave, fearless, and to do it like a girl. Meet amazing girls who remind us that Girls Can!

Invest in a girl’s future today with The Girltivity Box.