School Special Rates!

Girltivity is excited and delighted to offer school special rates. We truly honour, respect and encourage education.

During the Girltivity pilot phase we had consulted with many teachers and experts in the education sector. We had such a huge response from schools requesting special rates that we had to comply. We realized that female history is not actively taught or focused on in majority of the schools.

Why is celebrating women history so vitally important?

Girls have been changing the world for pretty much forever, history has seldomly ever given girls the credit for some of the most incredible achievements made.

Even today girls face the following problems:

  1. From Primary to High School girls self-esteem and confidence drops 3.5 times more than boys.
  2. Women hold less than 23% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs.
  3. Women hold only 15-25% of TOP decision making positions.
  4. Only 3% of female driven Start-ups get funded.
  5. Research has shown that girls in a girls-only school were stronger, confident and more capable of becoming leaders. Seeing the key roles such as principle, head of departments and teachers were held by females, inspired the girls to succeed.

Together we can change be the solution.

Kiara, the visionary at Girltivity has created mascots as teachers and storytellers for the Girltivity books, activities and brand.

If you belong to a school, having a party or event, book our mascot to come and delight, entertain and teach.

Girltivity goes on tour and magnifies Girl Power wherever we land.