Female role model, 5-10 "STEAMED UP" activities, Toolkit, Age appropriate gifts, Games, Story, Activity book, Fun facts, Did you know?, Talk time, Family playdate, Thankfulness, Food art, Hairstyles, What's in the box card, Parent card, Certificate, Photo frame, Character Stickers, Designer work mat, Designer box craft, Personalized gifts, Free pintables, Join the Superhero Program, Collectibles and so much more!


Featuring Bessie Coleman,
The First African American Women to hold an International Aviators License


The COURAGEOUS Firefighters

Featuring The Apache 8,
The First All Women Firefighting Crew

Experiment with fire, explore a firenado, get crafty with a campfire night light and have fun with the fire and water optical illusion and so much more!

The HELPFUL Environmentalist

Featuring Wangari Maathai,
The First African Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Design your butterfly herb garden included are some awesome accessories for your garden, scented body spray, get crafty with bread dough roses, Pop up story board and have fun with The Humming Bird Story and so much more!

The Space Adventure

Featuring VALIANT Valentina and BRAVE Mae.
Valentina Tereshkova was the First Women in Space
Mae Jemison was the First Women of Color in Space.

Our limited edition Space Box is our Best Seller. Blast off into space with a rocket, explore the galaxy with a stylish necklace and the coolest space bun hairstyle included are some cute hair accessories, investigate your findings with a glove box just like astronauts do, go star gazing with a galaxy glow ball nightlight, plan the best family fun evening with your DIY telescope and have fun with your star shaped sandwich cutters and much more!

The INQUISITIVE Entomologist

Featuring Maria Sibylla Merian,
The First Female Entomologist

Build a fun bug hotel, explore with a bug kit, have fun painting your new creature friends, design a flying butterfly and give it to someone special, have a race with DIY caterpillars and so much more fun! Don't forget to send us the winners picture and stand a chance to win an awesome prize!

The GENEROUS Entrepreneur

Featuring Madam CJ Walker,
The First Self-made Millionaire

|Start a shop and build a cash register, make the most fizzy bath bombs and great hair mask to sell in your shop, get creative with packaging and labels, design your advert in The Girltivity Times newspaper, have fun with the graphs and ladders board game and become a millionaire, and much more!

The DETERMINED Mountaineer

Featuring Junko Tabei,
The First Woman to Climb Mount Everest

Design your own summit flag, make a wind vane, explore with a DIY compass, engineer a climbing mountaineer, mountaineers have to keep fit so have fun with whole family doing some mountain climbers exercise and much more!


Featuring Elizabeth Blackwell,
The First Female Doctor

Make a DIY stethoscope that really works, explore your body map with cool cards and fun games, learn how your heart works, explore with a lungs model, family playdate food art and much more!


Featuring Temple Grandin,
The Scientist who is Autistic

This digital pack was created to help little superhero's with the Covid19 Pandemic and is FREE to download. Let your eyes play a trick with your mind with an optical illusion: AMES room, calm down with fun stress ball explore your emotions with a dress up doll, have fun watch a cow fly with a cow kite and much more!


Featuring Ada Lovelace,
The First Computer Programmer

Build your own computer and learn about all the components that make a computer work, get stylish with a cool binary code bracelet and a flower headband inspired by Ada, create your own adventure with the algorithm board game and much more!

The FEARLESS Teacher

Featuring Malala Yousafzai,
The Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner

This box includes a fun chemistry experiment where you get to grow your very own crystals and design your crystal name decoration, create your own story with a pen and book included is a story map and fun stickers inspired by Malala, design your own pencil case with the coolest buttons, enjoy story blocks with the whole family and much more!

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Adult supervision is required